Free Initial consultation £45 (75 mins) including 15-20mins massage.

Follow ups £45 (60 mins) including 15-20mins massage.

Herbal Medicines

In addition Herbal Medicines cost

Based on 1 week’s supply

Herbal tea– From £42

Pills - From £8

Powders - From £20

Out of hours treatments will be charged at £65 per session. This includes weekdays before 8am, Saturdays before 8am and after 4pm, Sundays before 9am and after 12:30pm, plus bank holidays.
This is a service we can only provide to our existing patients and we cannot see clients for ET treatments alone.
Appointments cancelled within 24 hours’ notice may be charged at full fee. We attempt to keep costs as low as possible and as such a strict policy must be maintained. Work commitments cannot constitute an acceptable reason.